Michelle Feeley and Abadiania, Brazil

John of God

Abadiania, Brazil

Join me on a spiritual healing journey to an oasis known as the Casa. Open your mind to new possibility.  

Dates & Cost:
Contact with me to set-up a private or group tour. We can coordinate our schedules. The 12 day tour cost is $1,950.00 USD (this does not include airfare). Remote healing from JoG (free) + 2 coaching sessions ($250) + herbs + shipping ($75) = $325.00 USD.
Abadiania, Brazil (approximately 1.5 hrs southwest of Brasilia)
Healing Options:
  • Join me on a spiritual tour to visit
    John of God.
  • Remote Healings — I will be the bridge for your healing work with John of God. There is certain healing protocol that needs to be understood. However, you can do your spiritual healing process in the comfort of your own home. I will walk you through the process step by step. This package includes two spiritual coaching sessions.
Sample Itinerary:
  • Tour guidance, planning, meditations, life and spiritual coaching, and community.
  • 1 night in Brasilia, Brazil at a 3 star hotel (includes welcome dinner and breakfast).
  • 12 nights in Abadiania, Brazil with 3 meals/day.
  • Healings from John of God, visit the sacred waterfall, and crystal bed healings.

Maui, Hawaii

Upcoming Trips to Hawaii

Be Your Truest Self Tour
Maui, Hawaii
Contact me for more information.
Sample Itinerary:
  • Yoga - align your mind, body and spirit through the ancient practice of yoga.
  • Meditation - deepen into your spiritual practice and yourself and life. 
  • Swim with the dolphins and rediscover the joys of marine life. Star gaze and imagine all the possibilities that lie ahead.
  • Visit Mount Haleakala - 10th gate of Mother Earth. Receive the energy attunement of this sacred site. Learn how to harness this energy in your daily life.
  • Allow me to guide you on your path to deeper awareness as we commune with Hawaiian healers and join in sacred ceremony.

Machu Picchu

Upcoming Trips to Machu Picchu!

Spiritual Group Trip
Adults & Young Adults Ages 14+

Connect with me to set-up a private or group tour. July, August and September are great months to go to Peru.
Trip Options:
2 weeks tour costs are $4,500.00 USD per person. 1 week tour options are also available upon request.
Sample Itinerary:
  • Cusco Region - Tour magnificent Incan ruins and sacred sites and learn the history of this ancient culture from our private Peruvian guide.
  • Trek Machu Picchu and embody the sacredness of this site with awake and alive tour leaders that are their to support your journey. 
  • Horseback ride through the Andes Mountains and participate in sacred ceremony with shamans from the Q'ero tribe. Learn their wisdom of living with an invisible footprint. 
  • ATV through the Sacred Valley and connect deeply with the playfulness of life that is here for you.
  • Whitewater raft down the Urubamba River and learn how the water element teaches us how to go with the flow.
  • Visit Lake Titicaca - a sacred site and 2nd chakra of Mother Earth (Pachamama). Connect with your creator energy! 
  • The shamans of the Q’ero tribe will preform sacred ceremony, our Peruvian tour guide will teach you all about the architecture and history of the Incan civilization and I will be your spiritual guide and point person throughout the trip. Our team has been working together for 5 years and we are here to support you on your quest.

Energy Healing

60 and 90 minute sessions are available in-person or remotely (by phone of Skype). Sessions are $125.00 USD and $150.00 USD respectively.

Contact me to set-up your appointment today.

Essential Oils

Set up a 30 minute essential oils consultation today. We will discuss your specific health & wellness desires. I will help you navigate an essential oil regimen that is customized specifically to support you on your journey mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Consultations are $60.00 USD.

Contact Information

Michelle Feeley

Contact me to find out more about my upcoming adventures!

Email Michelle Feeley at michelle@travel-light.us